K9 sex

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K9 sex

My friend Maureen brought me an extra mattress she had and some kitchen stuff so I at least had something to sleep on and could cook for myself.

I told my friends that I needed some time alone and would call them when I was ready for company.

“They don’t want her to have anything in the unit that she wants or that she worked for,” a DOC source said.

When Schnirring first complained that a married officer in one of her classes was making unwanted advances, department brass transferred him, according to internal documents.

She spent a few months at the facility housing female inmates on Rikers Island before she was moved to the North Infirmary Command, where some of the most high-profile inmates used to be housed.

Rikers officer’s report omits name of guard who restrained inmate When the unit closed about seven years ago, she was moved to another facility on Rikers Island where she oversaw some of the most troubled inmates in solitary confinement. Kross Center, she successfully applied to become a department K-9 handler.

A veteran city correction officer’s career has been derailed — because she complained that a co-worker was sexually harassing her, she claimed in documents obtained by the Daily News.

Correction Officer Donna Schnirring filed an Equal Opportunity Office complaint against a fellow officer in January — alleging he repeatedly asked her out and spread rumors the two of them were involved.

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