Consolidating itunes library on external hard drive christian views on dating non christians

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Media files that make up your i Tunes library may not all be in the same folder.

If you have multiple folders containing media files which are to be added to your i Tunes library, there's an option in i Tunes to do this -- it's a useful feature that lets you to build up an index of your songs in a more flexible way.

Open a separate Window on your desktop for the external drive -- this is so you can easily copy the i Tunes folder by dragging and dropping it.

Copying Your Consolidated i Tunes Library to External Storage Now that all media files are in your i Tunes library folder, you can copy it to an external storage device such as a USB portable hard drive. If you haven't changed the default location of the main i Tunes folder, use the following default path to navigate to your i Tunes library: - Windows 8, 7 or Vista: \Users\user profile name\My Music\- Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\user profile name\My Documents\My Music\ 2.However, it complicates the backup procedure because you will have to make sure that all these folders on your computer's hard drive are backed up as well as the i Tunes music folder.To make this process easier, you can use the consolidation feature in i Tunes to copy all your media files into one folder.In this case, the rest thing is how to move or transfer i Tunes library to an external drive.This article aims at introducing several methods to transfer i Tunes library to external drive on Mac and PC, as well as a perfect way to backing up your i OS content directly to an external drive without using i Tunes.

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Your portable Mac may simply not have enough room to store your full i Tunes LIbrary.

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