Game theory of dating

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Game theory of dating

We are looking at different types of network behavior (the high demand princess, the career type, the girl next door and the appearance-over-substance-and-insecure type etc.

We all kind of know how the game works, and some people are better at it.

Especially when you take it out of theoretical economics and start applying it to human collectives. However, the more men you have in a dating app (Tinder has 60% men global, in India this is all the more skewed), the more dynamic would be the state of the Nash equilibrium.

I had written about applying Game Theory to SEO, a competitive field, where the more important point was to have a strategy and keep evolving instead of having a static winning strategy. Yes, because applying the concepts helps us to understand some of the product features (Superlike for instance). Data from Tinder has shown that men are twice as more active on such apps.

7) In this post on the Mind Your Decisions blog, the author claims, “if you follow this advice, you’ll maximize your chance of finding true love.” Now there’s a reason to use game theory!

8) Daily Beast editor Paula Szuchman gets down to the nitty gritty in this article based on her book .

Modeling the True Love Game Dating and relationships are complicated social interactions so they need to be simplified before coming up with any meaningful analysis.

1) This that uses game theory to explain why females opt for a long “courtship” period in order to weed out “bad” males.

4) In this paper, philosopher Mark Colyvan argues that successful long-term relationships are in fact a result of narrow self-interest, all explained by game theory.

this year we’ll tackle the next step: how to predict the potential success of your relationship – using game theory.

Once again, we’ve compiled a list of authors, researchers and scholars who have attempted to crack the code of love using numbers and logic.

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Even if that’s not exactly true, I’m wiling to live with that definition.

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